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Održivi razvoj poljoprivrede i turizma, sa posebnim osvrtom na mogućnosti parka prirode "Golija" : doktorska disertacija


Mirković, Miroslav S.


Đekić, Snežana

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Umnoženo za odbranu. Univerzitet u Nišu, Ekonomski fakultet., 2014, dr ekonomskih nauka, Menadžment. Napomene i bibliografske reference uz tekst. Abstract. Bibliografija: listovi 279-291.

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Sustainable development of agriculture and tourism is primarily based on the diversification of the rural economy, preservation of rural values with protecting the environment and rural landscapes, restoration of social, cultural and institutional-management functions of rural communities. Agriculture and tourism as complex activities achieve the strongest correlation in the spatial plan. The complexity of touristic products, that point to environmentally responsible journeys, support the preservation of authentic material and social values and have a beneficial impact on the local population are closely related and to the activities within the agriculture. Their interconnections can be seen through the direct and indirect impacts and benefits, diversification of activities at the national, regional and local level. Nature parks are in full conformity with the principles of sustainable development, because they are aimed to promote meeting the needs of present generations while respecting the principle that future generations can use the benefits of the same area. Under the protection of 2nd and 3rd level regime, nature park can accommodate facilities for livestock development, tourism and recreation and provide use of agricultural land and livestock in the stable, traditional way, which is of great economic and social importance for the sustainable development of underdeveloped areas. Starting from the place and importance of sustainable agriculture and tourism, the subject of scientific research in the dissertation is just the process of formulating, evaluating and implementation of strategies, policies and integrated model of sustainable agriculture and tourism with special reference to the Nature Park "Golija". In this sense, the dissertation deals with the significance of promoting and developing sustainable agriculture and tourism, as well as monitoring and evaluation of programs which support the developmental opportunities of the Nature Park "Golija".

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