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Inovacije u strateškim partnerstvima preduzeća : doktorska disertacija


Dukić, Ana Z.


Stefanović, Suzana. 1968-
Predić, Biljana
Janošević, Stevo. 1954-

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Umnoženo za odbranu. Univerzitet u NIšu, Ekonomski fakultet,2014. Bibliografija: listovi 294-314. Rezime ; Summary.

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In the severe and dynamic battle to win a market share only strategic companies that have incorporated a high level of flexibility and innovativeness in their business activities survive. Finding convenient ways of creating competitive advantage in accordance with the existing as well as with the anticipated situation on the market and the resources they draw on is of outstanding importance for the survival of partnership. Helped by strategy of innovation, companies that form strategics partnerships are finding ways to withstand competitive attacks and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Technological innovation and technology are tangent to every aspect of functioning of companies and their strategic partnerships. For the process of technological innovation to be completely successful it is necessary to use new knowledge or a new combination of old ones. By transferring knowledge its value increases, activities that represent mutual satisfaction of all partner are stimulated, which helps in creating a solid knowledge base. By forming the solid knowledge base, conditions for carrying out the process of technological innovation are created. Future business will requires bulk of innovations that can be, on the one hand destabilizing force because they require changes within the company and strategic partnership itself, but on the other hand, if they are verified on the market, they can provide sustainable competitive advantage. Relating to these contrasting strengths of the present and the future, managers should create a two-fold policy of strategic partnership innovativeness, i.e. a policy for managing strategic partnership which supports stability and incremental changes, on the one hand, as well as a policy which supports experimenting and discontinuous changes, on the other. One of the ways of sustaining this healthy tension is to create a system, which is focused on innovativeness. Hereby, attention to, importance and position of strategic partnerships in the future will be increased, while still running contemporary businesses. Attracting and keeping foreign direct investments is the main goal of numerous countries, considering they play an important role in creating new jobs, increasing export, transferring of technology and business knowledge, achieving competitiveness, production improvement, and finally reduction of poverty through overall economic growth and development. Therefore, the objectives of development in Serbian economy have to include more intensified foreign investments through strategic partnerships with the goal of growing innovative activities and creating better domestic as well as the international market positioning for our companies.

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