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Hemijski sastav, antioksidativna i toksična aktivnost odabranih biljnih vrsta roda Artemisia L.


Ickovski, Jovana, 1985-


Stojanović, Gordana, 1960-
Radulović, Niko, 1981-
Zlatković, Bojan, 1970-
Lazarević, Jelena, 1977-

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The subject of this research is the analysis of essential oils using GC-MS technique, methanol extracts using HPLC method, as well as multielement composition using ICP OES technique of five species of the genus Artemisia, all with the aim of finding possible correlations between individual components, both volatile and phenolic and flavonoid compounds and multielement composition, as well as a class of compounds with soil type determined by WRB classification using chemometric tests. In addition, the biological activities of selected species of the genus Artemisia were determined. For this purpose, acute toxicity tests on brine shrimp Artemia salina, insecticidal activity tests on Drosophila melanogaster fruit fly, micronucleus test, as well as measurements of antioxidant activity using seven methods (TP, TF, DPPH, ABTS, FRAP, TRP and CUPRAC) were performed. Also, the results of chemometric analysis of these data are presented, which aim to find a correlation between antioxidant tests and soil types determined by the WRB classification. Statistical techniques, Principal component analysis and Cluster analysis, enabled grouping of samples based on volatile components of essential oil, phenolic and flavonoid compounds, content of micro and macroelements and antioxidant activities related to soil type, while Analysis of variance and Multivariate analysis of variance gave the information of statistical significance of analyzed components for soil type. Finally, Discriminant analysis provided insight into statistical certainty with which an unknown sample could be assigned to a particular soil type.

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Biografija sa bibliografijom: str. 259-263,Bibliografija: str. 225-258. Datum odbrane: 06.10.2022. Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

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