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Semantic frame activation and contextual aptness of metaphorical expressions: doctoral dissertation


Figar, Vladimir, 1981-


Stamenković, Dušan, 1984-
Silaški, Nadežda
Tasić, Miloš

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The study aims to explore the possibility of semantic frame activationand interaction in metaphorical expressions, and the conditions ofcontextual aptness of metaphorical expressions. To ensure theappropriate level of ecological validity, experimental stimuli have beenselected from a corpus of newspaper articles, and included in thenorming procedures. The theoretical framework includes theinvestigations into context and semantic frames, semantic priming,discourse processing, conceptual metaphor theory, andpsycholinguistic approaches to metaphor. The first four experimentswere designed to test the activation and interaction of the organizingframes of source and target inputs in metaphorical expressions from theconceptual keys of CONFLICT and MOTION. This included an onlinepriming paradigm with a categorization task, and the main dependentvariable of interest was response time (RT). Stimuli were presented in(1) congruent metaphorical (metaphorical sentences), (2) congruentliteral (literal sentences), and (3) incongruent conditions (unrelatedsentences). Targets were individual words from the relevant frames.The results showed higher degrees of activation of the organizingframes of target inputs for both metaphor groups. There were nosignificant differences between the two congruent conditions, whileRTs in the incongruent condition were significantly longer. The dataseem to offer support for the interaction view of metaphor processing.The final two experiments tested the level of contextual aptness oftarget metaphorical expressions from the same two conceptual keys, in(1) congruent metaphorical (metaphor clusters), (2) congruent literal(literal paragraphs), and (3) incongruent priming conditions (unrelatedparagraphs). Targets were metaphorical sentences from the twoconceptual keys. The obtained results did not reveal any differencesbetween the two congruent conditions, while the recorded RTs weresignificantly shorter in the incongruent condition. Overall, the studyprovides empirical insight into the phenomena of (metaphorical)framing, frame activation and interaction, and contextualization, andtheir import in online meaning construction.

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Biografija autora: str. 521,Bibliografija: str. 461-492. Datum odbrane: 09.12.2021. Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics

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