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Jedan pristup međusobnom povezivanju otvorenih podataka e-uprave


Milić, Petar O. 1986-


Stoimenov, Leonid 1967-
Tošić, Milorad
Stanimirović, Aleksandar
Ivković, Miodrag
Ilić, Siniša

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The research subject of this PhD dissertation is presentation of a model for examination of the metadata which describes open data and suggestion of the type of a relationship between open datasets on the basis of given model. Mutual connection of open datasets in electronic government and detection of the possible relationships between them is one of the results of research covered by this PhD dissertation. This PhD dissertation provides an analysis of the current state in the area of linking open data, ranging from the portals of electronic government where the data are published, as well as with other information on the web, then define a model for examination of the metadata in order to detect possible relationships between the open datasets and a model for their semantic description. Semantic description of the relationships between open datasets allows semantic access to these relationships and their processing in the appropriate applications. Applying the described model for examination of the metadata, as a result we obtain proposal of the type of relationship between two datasets of open data (i.e., parent / child, relation_to/relation_from and etc.). Another result of the research presented in this PhD dissertation is development and definition of indicator which shows the status of the mutual semantic connection between open datasets, which partially encapsulates involvement of the user of the platform in process of creation of mutually connected open datasets in electronic government. It also presents the architecture of Web application for creation of relationships between the open datasets based on metadata and proposed model. The architecture is generalized and applicable on the open data platforms that have access through the Web API, where are changing only certain components of the architecture in order to apply it on other platforms, which contributes to its interoperability. Web application provides a practical validation of the proposed model for the mutual connection of open data which confirms the need for the existence of such an architecture.

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Biografija autora: listovi 100-102;Bibliografija: listovi 87-94. Datum odbrane: 04.06.2019. e-government

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