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Kazna kao kriminalnopolitička mera u suzbijanju maloletničke delinkvencije


Avdić, Selvedin Z. 1985-


Kostić, Miomira 1964-
Dimovski, Darko
Ćorović, Emir

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Criminal acts commited by minors present a growing problem within society, not only because of the increased number of criminal acts commited or participated in, but also because of the increased degree of aggressivness shown during the execution of criminal acts. However, penalizing the minors became a sort of exeption, while the corrective measures are executed by order. Yet, with the overall transformation of criminal sanction aimed at minors, especially with the goal of humanization, penalizing minors remained in our positive legislation.Penalty through juvenile detention, as the only type of penalty in the system of minor criminal acts, became thesubject of many researches throughout the last couple of years. Accordingly, this dissertation presents an effort to determine the efficiency of penalty as a criminally political measure in suppressing minor deliquency.

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Biografija autora: list 289;Bibliografija: listovi 273-288. Datum odbrane: 13.12.2017. Criminal law

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