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Strukturne promene u spoljnoj trgovini Republike Srbije u funkciji poboljšanja neto deviznog efekta


Balšić, Smiljana


Marković, Ivan 1961-
Todorović, Miloš
Stanišić, Nenad 1979-

Description (eng)

The subject of the proposed doctoral dissertation will be the acquisition of scientific and expert knowledge on the impact of foreign trade on the net financial effect of the Republic of Serbia, in particular the determination of changes in foreign trade, their events and models for the improvement of the net financial effect. Within character studies of structural changes in foreign trade in general, the impact of realized net foreign exchange income represents insufficient or inadequately researched phenomenon. This doctoral thesis could be done step further in explaining the benefits and causation for the purposes of their practical application. Identification of the structure of direct import dependence is a very important instrument because without it is not possible to perform an analysis of the possibilities of substitution of consumption of imported intermediate goods home. In addition, it is possible to calculate the sensitivity of changes in costs and prices, and the relative economic position of certain sectors of the economy to changes in import prices of certain intermediate products originating from imports, which it in its production process consumes. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully and precisely define the sectors of the economy in foreign soil matrix, that carries the title of export development priorities. In the case of "small" and economically under-developed countries such as the Republic of Serbia, the above-mentioned facts get even more on its weight.

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