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Kontrola formiranja i prostiranja lokalizovanih struktura u fotonskim rešetkama s defektima


Kuzmanović, Slavica J.


Maluckov, Aleksandra A. 1968-
Mančić, Ana M. 1977-
Dimitrijević, Dejan R. 1968-
Beličev-Šutulović, Petra

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Dissertation is based on the study of the formation, properties and dynamics of localized structures in one-dimensional photorefrac-tive lattices. The universality of these pehomena is illustrated by stuyding the localized structures in biological microtubules which are components of cell membranes. Although the transport of proteins through the cell membranes and propagation of light through the photorefractive gratings are nonlinear and complex phenomena of different nature, they can be investigated by the same approach. Both systems are mathematically modeled by the set of nonlinear differential or differential-difference equations of the Schrödinger type. Here, the propagation of light through the linear photonic lattices with local nonlinear, and combination of local geometric and nonlinear defects, is studied which can be significant for applications in integrated optics and telecommuni-cations. It is shown that the full control of the light propagation through the photorefractive lattices can be established by proper tunning of parameters of the system.

Description (srp)

Biobibliografija: listovi 84-86 Datum odbrane: 22.12.2016. Optics

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