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Istraživanje alternativnih pogona motornih vozila


Marjanović, Zoran M.


Raos, Miomir
Nikolić, Vlastimir
Janković, Aleksandra
Živković, Ljiljana
Živković, Nenad

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Ecology problems of transport appertain „first class“ pollution in urban environment. The forecast about the reserves of crude petroleum have always imposed the need for intensified researches on substitution of conventional mineral fuels. The term „lternative fuels“ is primarily connected with the IC engine and it has developed because of long lasting strict use of petroleum fuels as primary fuels for its drive. If the problem is generalized to the area of motor vehicles, then we can discuss alternative (hybrid) drives, that, beside IC engine as a drive unit, also include electric motor. Applicability of the use of some fuel is rated: by the quality of its energetic transformation through the process of obtainment of work, which directly defines output performance of the drive unit, by production cost, by suitability and safety of transport, storage and manipulation, by natural resourses of raw materials for its obtainment and by its toxic characteristics. The current state and possible perspectives by using motor vehicles alternative drives are analyzed in this paper. The most frequently currently used alternative drives/fuels: electric drive, hybrid drive, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas, bio-diesel, ethanol and methanol are observed. It are showed an example computer simulation (in Matlab) of a complex hybrid electric vehicle in two different driving modes. simulated hybrid electric vehicle is of combined type, similar to Toyota Prius cars. Also, in paper are presented an economic (costbenefit) analysis of different introduction strategies, as well as different elements thereof, for different kinds motor vehicles alternative drives. A cost-benefit analysis is undertaken for increasing the number of various kinds of motor vehicles alternative drives in the Serbian transport sector.

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Biografija autora: list 203 Datum odbrane: 18.09.2015. Energy processes and protection

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