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Komunikacione strategije promocije i distribucije serija posredstvom striming servisa Netfliks u Srbiji


Milosavljević, Ilija, 1992-


Pavlović, Dragana, 1972-
Simeunović Bajić, Nataša, 1979-
Kleut, Jelena, 1980-

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Netflix, the largest global subscription video streaming service, is characterized by the fact that it approaches each market in a different way, by defining special communication strategies. The main goal of the work is to observe and explain the context in which these strategies are created and function in Serbia, the specifics of communication with the general public, the peculiarities of internal communication with users based on algorithmic recommendation systems and the effects that such communication has in this country. In addition to the theoretical framing and definition of the most important concepts and approaches, a comparative PEST study of Serbia was applied, which is based on the analysis and synthesis of available data, research and reports for the period from 2016 to 2023. It was followed by a qualitative and quantitative analysis of posts about Netflix on five media portals during the same period, as well as an experiment of "reverse engineering" of the algorithmic recommendation system of this service, which identified the characteristics of the context in which communication strategies are created in Serbia. Both segments sought to ascertain the modes of communication between the platform and the audience in Serbia. The last major segment of the research is a quantitative and correlational analysis of answers from a questionnaire filled out by 756 respondents, which examined habits, tastes and attitudes about watching series, Netflix and video streaming services in Serbia. Although not completely adapted, this approach has positive effects and perception, especially among users, but to a significant extent also when it comes to the general audience.The findings show that there are many PEST context specificities in Serbia that are important for video streaming services, but Netflix largely ignores them when developing external communication strategies that target a general audience instead relying on the strengthof the brand as a whole to attract favorable media attention, indirect contextualization, and recommendations. Contrarily, internal communication tactics based on algorithmic recommendation systems are particularly successful and individualized, especially for younger audience segments that choose international series.

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Biografija autora: list 276. Bibliografija: list 229-261. Datum odbrane: 02.04.2024. Digital Media

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