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Ispitivanje strukturnih, magnetnih i luminescentnih svojstava materijala na bazi itrijum-trifluorida dopiranih jonima retkih zemalja


Aleksić, Jelena S., 1992-


Barudžija, Tanja, 1965-
Kostić, Ljiljana T.
Bošković, Marko
Jugović, Dragana

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Rare-earth based inorganic materials are very attractive inscientific research, as well as numerous industry applications,due to their specific properties that arise from the partially filled4f orbitals. The aim of this thesis is the synthesis,characterization, and detailed investigation of the structural,magnetic, and luminescent properties of yttrium trifluoridematerials doped with rare-earth ions. The scope of this researchincludes the synthesis of two sets of solid solutions, YbxY1-xF3and YF3:Yb/Ln (Ln=Er, Tm, Ho), by the reaction of anappropriate amount of oxides with ammonium hydrogendifluoride.The various characteristic properties, such as thestructural and magnetic properties, for different ytterbiumconcentrations within the first set of solid solutions are studied indetail. Within the second set of solid solutions, the main focus isplaced on the investigations of their luminescent properties, aswell as potential applications of YF3:Yb/Er samples inthermometry.

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Biografija autora sa bibliografijom: listovi 116-119,Bibliografija: listovi 104-115. Datum odbrane: 12.10.2022. Condensed matter

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