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Prilog rešenju problema stabilnosti dvopojasnih lančaničnih sistema : doktorska disertacija


Kostić, Dragan


Radivojević, Grozdana

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The paper is theoretical and practical. The double layered catenary systems are elastic suspended structures aimed at bridging great spans. Under the action of external load, these systems are prone to swinging, so the basic problem is making them stable for the potential combinations of real loads. The most efficient and most applied way of stabilization of double layered catenary systems is prestressing. The paper lays out the basic notions, history and the theoretical and practical achievements to the present times in the field of the suspended prestressed systems, and the contribution to the solving the stability problem of double layered and prestressed catenary systems. The conducted research and analysis, unequivocally demonstrate the practical results of the solution of stability problem of cable truss. The contribution to the stability problem is comprised in conclusions, which are derived from the author’s research: - Analytical-numerical model of static design - Criteria of dynamic stability of suspended structures - Analysis of defined models type “D” and “V” by the criteria of dynamic stability and the recommendations for the minimum levels of their prestressing. - Constituting the methodology of the best design of cable truss. - Definition of wind as a harmonic and impact action on the suspended structures. Key words: suspended structures, cable truss, prestressing, stability, dynamic wind action

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Napomene uz tekst. Umnoženo za odbranu. Univerzitet u Nišu, Građevinsko-arhitektonski fakultet., 2007. Bibliografija: listovi 150-155. Rezime ; Summary.

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