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Polni moral mladih u rodnoj perspektivi : doktorska disertacija


Redžić, Saduša


Gavrilović, Danijela, 1967-

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Umnoženo za odbranu. Univerzitet u Nišu, Filozofski fakultet., 2013. Napomene uz tekst. Bibliografija: listovi 365-383. Summary.

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Sociology associates the existence of double standards of sexual morality with women being the marginalised gender group. Patriarchal tradition and the conversion to Orthodox Christianity (Islam) have contributed to the subordination of women in Serbia, but after World War II, the so-called ‘women issue’ was regulated by law, making a woman formally equal to a man, and guaranteeing and protecting their reproductive rights at the legislative level. We live in a time of rapid and profound social changes, and the assumption in the study is that these changes affect the sexual morality. The question this paper aims to answer is if double standards of sexual morality are still cherished by Serbian youth, despite the efforts to set the same standards for men and women. 386 The research was conducted using deep interviews with students of both sexes, at the Nis Unuversity. We looked for the answers to questions that were asked in the survey, by examining their attitudes about sex and gender socialization, marriage and family, sexual virility and sexual relations. Research has shown that in certain aspects of the sexual moral attitudes of male and female students are different, and not in others. Double standards of sexual morality still exists among some students, and attitudes of some respondents of both sexes indicate their tendency to overcome it.

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