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Razvoj pametne majice za proučavanje opterećenja fudbalera kod fizičkih aktivnosti


Stojanović, Sandra T., 1986-


Trajković, Dušan, 1970-
Ćirković, Nenad, 1965-
Šarac, Tatjana, 1983-

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In extreme conditions, when the temperature and relative humidity of the air are high in combination with long-term and strenuous physical activity (such as football matches), heat illness may occur. Therefore, the primary goal of this dissertation is the development of a smart T-shirt which will enable the monitoring of the thermal condition (temperature and relative humidity of the microclimate) as well as the movement during physical activities in the summer in order to preserve health and improve the performance of athletes.The research is multidisciplinary and divided into four parts. The first part of the research includes testing mechanical, physical and thermal properties of knitted fabrics intended for the production of sports t-shirts. Also, the influence of sublimation transfer printing on alterations of these properties of knitted fabrics was investigated.In the second part, based on the obtained results, ten knitted fabrics were selected for t-shirts production. Three-dimensional simulations of t-shirts were created using OptiTex software.In the third part, thermo-physiological and ergonomic tests were carried out in the climate chamber. Motion Capture Systems was used for monitoring the movement of the athletes.The fourth part of the research is related to the development and testing of a smart t-shirt.Based on the results of thermo-physiological and ergonomic tests, polyester knitted fabric was selected for the production of two smart t-shirt prototypes. The smart system was implemented by installing two temperature and humidity sensors, accelerometer and other electronic components. The Inter-Integrated Circuit communication protocol was used for data transmission. The collected data is monitored via personal computer and if these values exceeded a certain limit, the smart t-shirt would signal danger.It aims to improve the thermo-physiological and ergonomic comfort two prototypes of smart t-shirts have a wider fit with a built-in mesh under the armpits with purpose to enhance cooling the body were made. The test subjects rated both smart t-shirt prototypes as very comfortable.A good accordance was found between the data obtained by the smart t-shirt and medical device MSR 12 Modular Signal Recorder.

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Biografija autora: list 288.Bibliografija: list. 241-259 Datum odbrane: 28.2.2024. Теxtile tehnology

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