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Uticaj zaduženosti na privredni razvoj Republike Srbije


Ćosović, Mehdija, 1983-


Petrović-Ranđelović, Marija, 1976-
Marjanović, Vladislav, 1975-
Mićić, Vladimir, 1977-

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Indebtedness is a phenomenon of intensifying economic activities,i.e. the improvement of the economic performances of modern states. It isexactly for this particular reason that the bearers of the economic policy arefaced with solving the high indebtedness problem, simultaneouslyachieving the sustainable level of economic growth. It can be said to beabout the key challenge of the functioning of developing countries andtransition countries. It is exactly for that particular reason that the issue ofindebtedness is of vital significance in the process of dynamization of theRepublic of Serbia’s economic growth and development; the realization ofthe goals set like this simultaneously implies the integral utilization of thepotential offered by indebtedness in the development-economic policyfunding domain.The doctoral dissertation is basically aimed at pointing to the roleand significance of indebtedness in stimulating the economic performancesof the Republic of Serbia’s economy through an all-inclusive analysis of theinfluence of indebtedness on the economic development of the nationaleconomy. Within the framework of the specific research goals, the presenceof great interdependence between indebtedness and economic crises isindicated. Besides, a comparative analysis of the indebtedness of theRepublic of Serbia’s economy and the economies of the Western Balkanregion’s countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, NorthernMacedonia and Albania) is carried out.Within the framework of the foregoing goals, a comparative analysisof the achieved level of the Republic of Serbia’s indebtedness in relation tothe Western Balkan countries under observation is also carried out. Thelevel of the indebtedness of the Republic of Serbia in relation to thesecountries is also presented. Apart from that, the priority activities carriedout by the economic policymakers enabling the achievement of thesustainable indebtedness level in function of intensifying the developmentalperformances of the Republic of Serbia’s economy are mentioned withinthe framework of the goals.The research results indicate the fact that there is a delayed negativeeffect that indebtedness makes on macroeconomic indicators, i.e. on theeconomic development of the Republic of Serbia. Besides, the analysis ofthe obtained results was used to define the recommendations and provideguidelines for the economic policy bearers in the Republic of Serbia in thedomain of determining measures and the process of the implementation ofthe activities in function of profiling the indebtedness policy in compliancewith the current state of the Serbian economy, as well as the long-termsustainable funding of economic growth and development.

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Biografija autora: list 232Bibliografija: listovi 212-231 Datum odbrane: 27.11.2023. National economy, Economic policy

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