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Hronotop Beograda u umetničkoj prozi Svetlane Velmar-Janković


Milić, Jelena, 1991-


Milosavljević-Milić, Snežana, 1966-
Maksimović, Goran
Bošković, Dragan

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Even though the chronotope of Belgrade has beenrepeatedly emphasized as an important element of poetics ofSvetlana Velmar-Janković, the review of scientific works andapproaches to her artistic prose, show a lack of study about thechronotope of Belgrade as the main research topic. Furthermore,there is a noted absence of a monograph which encompasses theentire work of artistic prose by Svetlana Velmar-Janković. It isanalyzed selectively and automatically if we consider the choice oftheoretical material and interpreted themes.In this dissertation, our analysis of the chronotope ofBelgrade in the artistic prose by Svetlana Velmar-Janković tends toovercome its partial interpretation and contextualization in thecorpus of contemporary literary theories, whose innovativemethods reveal the overlooked (although essential) aspects of theautor’s poetics.The theoretical contextualization of prose by SvetlanaVelmar-Janković will be implemented in accordance with thetheory of chronotope by Mikhail Bakhtin, the semiotic theory ofartistic space by Yuri Lotman, poststructuralistic theories of space,contemporary posthumanistic narratological literary theories,geographical narratology and the affective theory of space. Thetheory of the chronotope (and of the city) will be investigatedthrough the three crucial perspectives: through its diachronicrelations with the humanities, then in the domains of explicittheoretical analysis and in the doamin of immanent poetics (spatialand temporal aspects in literary texts).

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Biografija autora: 456 str.Bibliografija: str. 419-443. Datum odbrane: 18.1.2024. Literary theorySerbian literature

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