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Lokalizovane strukture u nelinearnim fotonskim rešetkama s ravnim energetskim zonama u linearnom režimu


Stojanović, Mirjana, 1993-


Mančić, Ana, 1977-
Stevanović, Ljiljana, 1966-
Stepić, Milutin, 1969-
Maluckov, Aleksandra, 1968-

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Photonic lattices are suitable platform for realization of all-optical quantum computers, interferometers and a model-system for simulating complex phenomena in condensed matter physics and ultracold gases. Especially interesting are dynamic properties and controlled propagation of localized structures such as compactons and solitary waves in two-dimensional lattices with at least one flat band in spectrum. By introducing the gauge field mechanism in the model and reconstructing the spectrum of lattice, we induce topological properties and novel degree of freedom for light manipulation, which, with the simultaneous induction of modulation instability, opens additional possibilities for simulating the effects important for quantum technologies.

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Biografija sa bibliografijom: listovi 94-97Bibliografija: listovi 84-93 Datum odbrane: 24.8.2023. Nonlinear optics

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