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Kvalitet poslova u Srbiji: obrasci alokacije zaposlenih i segmentacija tržišta rada


Nikolajević, Aleksandra Z., 1990-


Đorić, Gorana, 1960-
Cvejić, Slobodan 1965-
Stojić, Gordana 1969-

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In this dissertation, labor market inequalities in Serbia have been analyzedby identifying segments - non-competitive zones of the labor marketcomposed of jobs of different quality to which groups of workers with differentcharacteristics have access with unequal probabilities. Job diversificationby quality is situated in the context of neoliberal reforms as a globalphenomenon and, more specifically, in the context of changes within the labormarket in Serbia after 2000. This dissertation answers four research questions:1. How can jobs in Serbia be best grouped according to job quality dimensions?2. How do the identified job profiles differ in quality as well as in the characteristicsof labor demand and supply?3. Which characteristics of employees affect the likelihood of being employedin jobs of different profiles?4. Is the labor market in Serbia segmented, how many segments are there,and which groups of employees are "condemned" to occupy bad jobs?The questions are answered by analyzing data from the EuropeanWorking Conditions Survey (EWCS) for 2015 (on a subsample for Serbia).The data were analyzed by cluster analysis (to extract job profiles of differentquality), descriptive analyses (to describe job profiles in terms of job quality,as well as the characteristics of labor demand and supply), and multinomiallogistic regression (to identify segments in the labor market, i.e., job profileswith distinctive allocation patterns).Four job profiles have been identified based on quality dimensions:Prospective jobs - high quality on all the dimensions; Routine jobs - lowquality on wage and skill dimensions; Perspectiveless jobs - low quality onwage and skill dimensions and with limited autonomy in work; and Effortfuljobs - low quality on work time, physical and social environment dimensions.Three labor market segments were identified in Serbia, corresponding to Prospective,Effortful, and Perspectiveless jobs.

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Biografija autora: list 221-222. Bibliografija: list 208-217. Datum odbrane: 15.12.2023. Sociology of Work

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