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Optimizacija vazduhom hlađenog kondenzatora termoenergetskog bloka snage 300 MW


Škundrić, Jovan, 1975-


Živković, Predrag, 1975-
Laković Paunović, Mirjana S., 1975-
Knežević, Darko, 1968-
Tomić, Mladen, 1983-

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In the time of sudden climate changes and increasingdemands for electricity production, water as a coolingmedium in the condensation systems of modern thermalpower plants is becoming decreasingly available andincreasingly expensive as a resource. Precisely for thisreason, the number of modern chemical and thermal powerplants in the world that use air-cooled condensers as part ofthe condensation system is increasing. Since air-cooledcondensers use the surrounding air as the heat sink,condensation systems of this type are extremely sensitive tochanges in the environment, both in terms of outsidetemperature, and in terms of wind speed and direction, andof course insolation. An additional problem is that changesin the mentioned external parameters are quite difficult topredict with certainty, which makes this type ofcondensation system only conditionally reliable. All thisleaves quite a lot of room for improving the reliability andimproving the operation of air-cooled condensation systemsin modern thermal power plants, which is precisely the topicof this doctoral dissertation.

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Biografija autora: list [120].Bibliografija: list. 111-116. Datum odbrane: 01.12.2023 Theoretical and applied heat and mass transferproceesses

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