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Značaj parametara dijastolnog stres-ehokardiografskog testa kod bolesnika sa srčanom insuficijencijom i očuvanom ejekcionom frakcijom


Simonović, Dejan, 1976-


Deljanin-Ilić, Marina, 1957-
Pavlović, Milan, 1956-
Ćirić Zdravković, Snežana, 1965-
Petrović, Dejan, 1969-
Đorđević-Dikić, Ana, 1964-

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Objective: to determine the parameters of LV and LA VVIechocardiography, B-lines score, BNP levels, HFA PEFF algorithmscore, in the group of patients with HFpEF and compare them withvalues in healthy subjects; to analyze their changes during diastolicSET, then in relation to CV death and to establish which of theexamined variables stand out as independent predictors of futureadverse CV events (cardiovascular death).Methodology: 110 subjects constituted the clinical (HFpEF) group,and 40 subjects the control group. All subjects underwent diastolicSET. Echocardiographic examination and pulmonary ultrasound wereperformed: 1) at the beginning of diastolic SET; 2) at SF >100-110beats/min 3) at rest. All subjects were contacted by telephone at 3, 6,9, and 12 months, and CV events (HF rehospitalizations, CV death)were recorded.Results: adding the change in BNP/LAVi during diastolic SET, HFAPEFF score significantly contributes to the diagnosis of HFpEF(sensitivity 60.9% and specificity 95%) and the exclusion of HFpEFdiagnosis (sensitivity 95.5% and specificity 72.5%). Below the cut-offvalues for peak GLS LK (-17.22%) and change in GLS LK duringdiastolic SET (0.35%), there is a high diagnostic ability to predict CVdeath. Below the cut-off value for LASr at rest (25.5%), peak LASr(28.1%) and change in LASr during diastolic SET (3.7%) there is ahigh diagnostic ability to predict CV death. Below the cut-off valuefor peak LASct (13.4%) and change in LASct during diastolic SET(0.3%) there is significant diagnostic ability to predict CV death.Higher peak B-line score values, changes in B-line score duringdiastolic SET, and peak B-line score ≥10 significantly predicted CVdeath. Higher values of initial HFA PEFF score, after diastolic SET,as well as after adding variables (BNP/LAVi) significantly predictCV death.Conclusion: the addition of BNP/LAVi changes during diastolic SETincreased the sensitivity of the HFA PEFF score for the diagnosis ofHFpEF. The peak values of GLS LK, LASr and LASct were singledout as independent predictors of mortality.

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Biografija autora: list 179.Bibliografija: list. 154-170 Datum odbrane: 27.09.2023. Heart failure

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