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Komparativna analiza niske doze bupivakaina u kombinaciji sa različitim dozama fentanila na spinalni blok kod bolesnika tokom ugradnje veštačkog kuka


Jović, Marija, 1980-


Stošić, Biljana, 1960-
Janković, Radmilo, 1973-
Videnović, Nebojša, 1964-

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Introduction: Spinal anaesthesia is often used for hip endoprothesis surgery. Significant surgical stress response consisting of hormonal, metabolic and inflamatory changes can be initiated by the hip replacement surgery. Intratecal opioids, as adjuvants to local anesthetics, make spinal block sufficient even with lower doses of the local anesthetics, and the incidence of the side effects reduce to minimum.Materials and Methods: This study included 162 patients of either sex, ASA 1-2, scheduled for total hip arthroplasty. The patients had spinal anaesthesia with 10mg of 0.5% bupivacaine with 20µg (Group I), or 25µg (Group II) or 30µg fentanyl intrathecally (Group III).Result: Mean time to achieve maximum motor and sensory blockade was with no significant difference among the groups. Time of motor block duration was shorter in Group III. Four hours after the operation, patients in the Group II had significantly higher cortisol serum levels. Blood glucose levels were with no significant difference among the groups. Levels of CRP increased remarkably postoperatively in the Group I. Incidence of hypotension, bradycardia, nausea and vomiting was significantly higher in the Group III. Pruritus and shivering were not recorded among the groups. The first time an analgesic was needed postoperatively was the longest in Group III.Conclusion: The dose of 10mg of bupivacaine combined with 25µg fentanyl was the optimal option to achive haemodynamic stability, sufficient sensory and motor blockade, and reduce the stress response incidence of the opioids side effects.

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Biografija autora: list [169]. Bibliografija: listovi 155-168. Datum odbrane: 09.10.2023. Anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care

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