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Razvoj i validacija nove analitičke metode za pripremu uzoraka vode za kvantifikaciju policikličnih aromatičnih ugljovodonika primenom gasne hromatografije - masene spektrometrije


Ćirić, Slobodan, 1990-


Stojanović, Gordana, 1960-
Lolić, Aleksandar, 1971-
Bojić, Aleksandar, 1966-
Stankov-Jovanović, Vesna, 1968-
Mitić, Violeta, 1968-

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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are organic compoundswhose structure consists of two or more condensed aromatic rings. Dueto their toxicity and persistence in the environment, PAHs monitoringis very important especially in water, from where they can through thefood chain or directly reach humans. In this doctoral dissertation, amethod for the determination of PAHs in water, using gaschromatography - mass spectrometry method was optimized andvalidated. In the sample preparation technique, dispersive micro-solidphase extraction, new sorbents, prepared by thermal and chemicalthermalmodification of natural zeolite, clinoptilolite, were used. Afteroptimization and validation experiments, it was concluded thatapplying 200 mg of acid-thermal modification (prepared modifyingclinoptilolite using 1.5 mol L-1 hydrochloric acid and thermally treatedat temperature of 500 oC) enabled achieving the best analyticalcharacteristics. Efficiency values ranged from 69%(dibenzo[a,h]anthracene) to 123% (pyrene). The obtained analyticalparameters of the method validation were within the validationcriterias. The optimized and validated method was used for analysis ofreal water samples of the river Nišava and its tributaries in the territoryof municipalities Dimitrovgrad, Pirot, Bela Palanka and Niš.Naphthalene, acenaphthylene, acenaphthene and fluorene were present in all samples, and the total concentration of PAHs varied dependingon the sampling site, and was in the interval of 6.47 - 33.6 μg L-1, wheretributaries contributed to the increase of the total PAHs concentrationin Nišava. The obtained individual and total concentrations were higherthan the limits prescribed by official regulations and it was concludedthat the river Nišava in the territory of Serbia has been contaminatedwith PAHs, of which light PAHs were predominantly presented in allsamples.

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Bibliografija: list. 125-154,Biografija sa bibliografijom: str. 155-160 Datum odbrane: 24.01.2023. Analytical chemistry

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