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Ekološke i fitocenološke karakteristike kontinentalnih slatina centralne i južne Srbije


Zlatković, Ivana, 1981-


Ranđelović, Vladimir, 1965-
Radulović, Snežana, 1965-
Jenaćković Gocić, Dragana

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The continental salt areas of Central and South Serbia belong to the group of fragile and highly threatened habitats. They represent relict habitats where characteristic flora and vegetation develop under isolation and high anthropogenic pressure. The goal of this dissertation is to perform taxonomic, phytogeographic, ecological and phytocoenological analyses of halophytic flora and vegetation at sites of these salt areas. The field studies were performed during the vegetation seasons of 2012 and 2013. Samples were taken of both plant material and soil. The results of analysis of plant material will be used to determine diversity of halophytes and halophytic associations, while soil analyses will be followed by appropriate statistical analyses in order to determine ecological preferences of halophytes.

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Biografija autora sa bibliografijom: list. 247-250,Bibliografija: list. 231-245 Datum odbrane: 20.12.2022. Plant ecology

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