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Razvoj i primena preliminarnih skrining metoda za procenu sadržaja rezidualnih pesticida u jabukama tehnikama masene spektrometrije


Branković, Milica, 1991-


Anđelković, Darko, 1966-
Pecev-Marinković, Emilija, 1975-
Rančić, Sofija, 1960-
Kostić, Ivana S., 1983-

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High consumption rate of apples demands their intensive production. To ensure satisfactory and healthy yields, such production mainly involves largescale usage of pesticides, which consequently rises the need for the continuous monitoring of pesticides residues, in order to deliver safe fruit. Main methods of pesticides analysis in food are well elaborated official methods such as (SRPS) CEN/TR 17063:2017 or (SRPS) CEN/TR 15641:2009 etc. These methods have satisfactory level of trueness and reliability in pesticides analysis, but are often expensive and time-consuming due to the strict demands regarding the analytical instruments preparation, qualification and quantification procedures etc. The objective of this research was to provide more economic and faster alternatives to the official methods. As a result, 7 methods were developed and validated with cyprodinil, pyrimethanil, boscalid, trifloxystrobin and bifenthrin as model compounds. The main instrumental technique was mass spectrometry; optionally methods involved gas or liquid chromatography separation of analytes. Methods development included several mass spectrometers of different generation and performances and several simplified sample preparation methods. Main features of the developed methods were compared. The reduced sample preparation methods were compared with the official methods regarding the cost-effectivenes. The developed methods were applied to the pesticides migration study and to the analytical determination of the target pesticides in apple samples from local market.

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Biografija sa bibliografijom: str. [347-356],Bibliografija: str. 285-294. Datum odbrane: 05.10.2022. Environmental chemistry

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