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Usvajanje prideva prostornih odnosa kod dece predškolskog i školskog uzrasta


Milosavljević, Marija S., 1988-


Ilić, Mirjana K., 1968-
Janjić, Marina
Ratković, Dragana

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The subject of this doctoral dissertation is the acquisition of spatialadjectives in the domain of physical space and abstract domain, aswell as the acquisition of meaning of adjective antonym pairs inchildren of various ages. As children are older, and thereforelinguistically and cognitively more developed, it could be expectedthe increase in a number of the total number of various adjectives thatchild uses. The acquisition of linguistic expressions for spatial codingis conditioned by the development of general cognitive abilities. Theprocess of acquisition of abstract meaning of dimensional adjectivesand meaning of opposites of these adjectives, as well as the speed atwhich these meanings are acquired, is presented through variousdevelopment stages. We rely on Piaget's theory of cognitivedevelopment of language abilities which is based on empiricallyestablished facts. The applied method is the method of verbalassociations by using the test of controlled and free word associations.The research was conducted on the child population of six and eightyears of age. The results show that in the younger age most meaningswere related to concrete physical space whereas in older ages abstractmeanings were more often presented. Paradigmatic answers arepresent in larger numbers in an older age compared to a younger agewhich indicates a higher level of their language development.Children of an older age acquired more antonyms of spatial adjectivesin relation to the children of a younger age. Better test results in alltests were achieved by children from the urban environment incomparison to children from rural environments. There is nodifference between boys and girls when it comes to the adoption andunderstanding of the meaning of spatial adjectives.

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Bibliografija: str. 264-275. Datum odbrane: 26.10.2022. Serbian Language,Lexicology, cognitive linguistics, developmental psycholinguistics

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