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Pravno uređenje javnih medijskih servisa


Blagojević, Andrej I., 1987-


Vučetić, Dejan, 1974-
Vučković, Jelena, 1976-
Nastić, Maja, 1978-
Prica, Miloš, 1980-
Vulić, Tatjana, 1967-

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The topic of this dissertation is the legal regulation of the public media service, a legal subject whose activities are realized through accomplishing public interest in the field of public information. In the theoretical part of the dissertation, freedom of expression as a prerequisite for the functioning of free media is discussed, and the concept of media is defined, and then the concept of a public media service is considered from both culturological and legal point of view. After these theoretical considerations, in the research part of the dissertation, legal documents related to electronic media, issued by the European Union and the Council of Europe, as well as by the legislation of the Republic of Serbia, are systematized and analyzed, in order to establish the legal framework for further studies of a special kind of electronic media – a public media service. After that, a comparative analysis of the legal regulation of several European and worldwide public media services is carried out. The biggest European public broadcasters, such as the public services of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of France and the Republic of Italy, are analyzed, alongside with some of the most important public services outside Europe (USA, Canada, Australia and Japan). In the final chapter of the dissertation, the public media service of the Republic of Serbia is examined in detail, by scrutinizing all important legal regulations relating to the developmental path of the public media service, from the founding of Radio Belgrade until the democratic changes in 2000 and the latest media regulations from 2014. An important part of the dissertation is allocated to the transformation of the public media service, based on the comparative analysis of the Radio-Television Law of 1991 and the 2002 Law on Broadcasting. After that, the attention is directed to the positive law defnition and considerations of the legal status and internal organization of the two institutions of the public media services – The Radio-Television of the Republic of Serbia and The Radio-Television of Vojvodina, in addition to the analysis concerning their finances and the supervision of their activities. The aim of this analysis is to systematize, in chronological order, all of these legal documents into a public media service comprehensive legal framework and to draw some relevant conclusions. The final part of the dissertation proposes certain measures for achieving goals in the public media service development, thus complеting the inspection of the public media service from the perspective of its legal regulation. The concluding remarks summarize the important points derived from the comprehensive analysis of topics presented in the dissertation and offer certain suggestions concerning the improvement of the legal basis of the public media service of the Republic of Serbia.

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Bibliografija: listovi 257-274. Datum odbrane: 23.04.2021. Public Law, Media Law

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