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Procena biološke aktivnosti biljne mešavine koja se primenjuje u etnofarmakološkom tretmanu dijabetesa


Madić, Višnja, 1984-


Vasiljević, Perica, 1972-
Najman, Stevo, 1955-
Đorđević, Ljubiša, 1961-
Jušković, Marina, 1969-
Stojanović, Gordana, 1960-

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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases of the 21st century.Conventional pharmacotherapy of diabetes successfully regulateshyperglycemia, yet it cannot completely prevent the progress ofsecondary diabetic pathologies. Thus, many people combinepharmacotherapy with herbal remedies. This study aimed to evaluatethe frequency of traditional medicine use in Serbia and to examine thebiological activities of the “anti-diabetic” herbal mixture used in theethnopharmacology. The prevalence of traditional medicine use wasassessed by cross-sectional study, while the biological activities of theherbal mixture were examined through in vitro and in vivo experiments.The results of the study showed that 67.7% of respondents from all overSerbia rely on ethnopharmacology. The consumption of polyherbalmixtures and pharmaceutical supplements based on traditional recipeswas more frequent than individual medicinal herbs. Phytochemicalanalysis of tested herbal mixture indicated high content of phenols andflavonoids. The HPLC-UV analysis revealed the presence of tenbioactive compounds: quinic, gallic and caftaric acid, arbutin, rutin,trifolin, astragalin, hyperoside, isoquercetin and quercitrin. In vitrostudy indicated its high antioxidant, anticytotoxic and antigenotoxicactivities as well as antimicrobial activity against a wide range ofmicroorganisms. In addition, its cytotoxicity and genotoxicity wereextremely low. In vivo study showed that this herbal mixture hashypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and hepatoprotective effects in bothhealthy and diabetic animals. Moreover, in diabetic animals, it showednephroprotective activity, while its hypoglycemic effect was higherthan the effect of insulin and metformin in this experimental model.

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Biografija i bibliografija autora: list. 124-126,Bibliografija: listovi 94-118. Datum odbrane: 03.03.2021. Cell biology. Physiology

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