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[Primena Voronoi-Delone triangulacija i Katalanovih objekata u zaštiti podataka]: doktorske disertacije


Selimović, Faruk B., 1985-


Stanimirović, Predrag, 1959-
Milošević, Danijela
Krtolica, Predrag

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This doctoral dissertation is in the field of computer geometry incombination with data protection methods, with an emphasis on theimplementation of applications using object-oriented programmingtechniques. New methods for data protection using Voronoi - Delaunaytriangulation were presented. The first method is based on 3D planeencryption in GIS. The second method is based on the authentication ofusers (clients) of banks, by encrypting the image using the incrementalalgorithm Voronoi - Delone triangulation and Catalan objects. The thirdmethod is the method of steganography, which is based on a combination ofCatalan objects and Voronoi - Delone triangulation. The fourth methodrefers to the proposal of application of one algorithm of computer geometryin the procedure of generating Cryptographic keys from one segment of 3Dimage.

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Biografija autora: list 98,Bibliografija: listovi 92-97. Datum odbrane: 23.11.2021. Computer geometry, Object - oriented programming

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