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Jednostruki elektronski zahvat u sudarima brzih projektila sa vodoniku i helijumu sličnim metama


Delibašić, Danilo, 1991-


Milojević, Nenad, 1981-
Mančev, Ivan, 1960-
Simonović, Nenad

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Electron capture is a process which garners scientific interest for anumber of reasons, ranging from a purely fundamental atomic physicsstandpoint to more practically oriented interdisciplinary applications,such as in fusion energy research and medical physics. In the presentwork, single-electron capture by fast projectiles from hydrogen- andhelium-like targets is studied by means of the boundary-correctedcontinuum intermediate states method (BCIS), both in its three-body(BCIS-3B) and four-body (BCIS-4B) formulation. In this thesis, thesetwo methods are developed for single-electron capture from theground state of the target into arbitrary states of the projectile.General programs are constructed for the calculation of total crosssections for arbitrary projectile-target pairs, as well as differentialcross sections for certain special cases. A large number of projectiletargetpairs are explored, with the obtained theoretical results beinggraphically represented. For almost all the considered processes,experimental data points are available for comparison. The agreementbetween the newly obtained theoretical results and the measurementsranges from good to nearly perfect.

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Bibliografija: listovi 261-262. Datum odbrane: 30.11.2021. Atomic physics

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