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Razvoj okvira za povećanje procesne zrelosti preduzeća


Stoiljković Ranđelović, Aleksandra, 1982-


Radosavljević, Marija, 1978-

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Achieving a competitive advantage in modern business conditions is a kind of challenge. Companies are increasingly finding the answer in the adoption of process orientation. Observing business from the perspective of business processes, harmonized with the company's strategy and focused on customer requirements, provides a number of benefits and ultimately contributes to the profitability of the company. However, adopting a process orientation is a complex project that requires investment and time and resources. Therefore, models of maturity have been formulated as a basis for companies in developing the ability to manage business processes. Assessment of the achieved level of maturity of the company in terms of process management is possible through the assessment of the state of maturity of the factors that affect the management of business processes.Based on the extensive literature, through the presentation of process orientation and business process management based on it and models for assessing the achieved level of maturity, a starting point for improving the business process management model has been created.Opportunities for improvement were also identified based on the analysis of the connection between business process management and modern business concepts.The part of the dissertation related to empirical research analyzes the state of critical factors of business process management maturity in companies in the Republic of Serbia in order to identify bottlenecks, in terms of the level of development of certain factors that can negatively affect the overall process maturity of companies. Based on the assessment of the significance of the identified maturity factors bythe management of the surveyed companies, a framework for increasing the process maturity of companies has been formulated.The goal of the development of this framework is to improve the ability to manage business processes in companies in the Republic of Serbia, and increase the process maturity of companies

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Biografija autora: list [43];Prilozi: listovi [26-42];Bibliografija: listovi [1 - 25]. Datum odbrane: 30.09.2021. Costs in business decision making, Business process management

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