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Uloga veličine i oblika molekulskih propelera u njihovoj dinamičnoj stabilnosti u modelu kvantnog Braunovog rotatora


Petrović, Igor, 1972-


Jeknić-Dugić, Jasmina, 1973-
Đorđević, Goran, 1963-
Nešić, Ljubiša, 1966-
Pantić, Milan, 1963-
Arsenijević, Momir, 1980-

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The subject of this doctoral dissertation research is the rotationaldynamics of molecules of a specific shape, the so-called molecularpropellers. The main task of the dissertation is to consider theinfluence of the size and shape of the mentioned molecules upon theirdynamic stability. The model used is based on the application of thetheory of open quantum systems and the master equations of Caldeiraand Leget, as a quantum model of Brownian motion. The size ofmolecular propellers was introduced into the model through thedependence of the moment of inertia and the strength of theinteraction with the environment on the number of blades. Dynamicstability is examined by analysis of standard deviations of the angleand momentum and by the method of quantum first time passage. Theobtained results indicate a strict and complex dependence of dynamicstability on the number of blades, temperature and strength ofinteraction with the environment. The results also show that toachieve the desired level of dynamic stability, it is not possible toapply simple rules but a combination of different stability criteria anda procedure similar to engineering optimization is necessary.

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Biografija autora sa bibliografijom: list. 211;Bibliografija: listovi: 207-210. Datum odbrane: Quantum mechanics

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