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Hemijska analiza lako isparljivih komponenti, biološka aktivnost i hemotaksonomske karakteristike vrsta roda Chaerophyllum L. (Apiaceae) sa područja Srbije


Stamenković, Jelena G., 1988-


Petrović, Goran, 1964-
Mitić, Violeta, 1968-
Zlatković, Bojan, 1970-
Đorđević, Aleksandra, 1981-
Lazarević, Jelena, 1977-

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This doctoral dissertation reports the chemical composition of the headspacevolatiles (HS) and essential oils obtained from different species of genusChaerophyllum L. (Apiaceae) from the territory of Serbia and Montenegrodetermined by GC and GC/MS analyses. The obtained results show that thechemical composition of the oil depends on the part of the plant which isanalyzed and that the main differences were noticed between aerial parts and theroot samples. Substrate - habitat and climatic conditions of the development ofthe tested plant species do not significantly affect the composition of essentialoils. The antioxidant activity of essential oils was investigated using fivedifferent methods and obtained results indicate that all oil samples have a weakantioxidant potential. The results of antibacterial assay showed that investigatedsamples exhibit some antibacterial activity against tested Gram-positive bacteriawhile they were inactive against Gram-negative bacteria. Chemotaxonomicclassification of species of the genera Chaerophyllum L. and Myrrhoides Fabr.was performed using the classes of compounds and main components ofessential oils as chemotaxonomic markers for statistical processing. The resultsobtained show that the use of essential oils as chemotaxonomic markers makessense and that morphological characters alone are not sufficient for completeidentification of plant species.

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Bibliografija: str. 187-190;Biografija sa bibliografijom: str. 186-187. Datum odbrane: 08.07.2021. Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

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