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Modelovanje i analiza uticaja metalnih medicinskih implantata na raspodelu elektromagnetskog polja mobilnih telefona u tkivima korisnika


Jovanović, Dejan, 1989-


Cvetković, Nenad N., 1970-
Cvetković, Zlata
Raičević, Nebojša
Krstić, Dejan
Krasić, Dragan

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The aim of this PhD thesis is to present the results determined in research on influence of certain metal medical implants in head and neck surgery on the distribution of penetrating electromagnetic field and the amount of absorbed energy within certain biological tissues due to exposure to RF radiation from mobile phones.Within the research, several 3D numerical models in high resolution, were created. A 3D numerical model of the human head has been developed which, in terms of dimensions, morphology and tissue composition, corresponds to the characteristics of an adult's head, sufficiently to enable obtaining reliable results by applying appropriate numerical procedures. In addition, based on available 3D images of surgical interventions, 3D numerical models of individual metal medical implants have been created.As a source of electromagnetic radiation, a modern smartphone with appropriate antennas for 3G and 4G mobile network have been used. Accordingly, calculations and analyzes were performed for the frequencies 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz, which correspond to the carrier frequencies of the mentioned mobile networks.The paper presents the results for the electric field distribution and the amount of absorbed electromagnetic energy of a mobile phone inside the user head model in the presence of the following metal medical implants:- Titanium plate for the reconstruction of a major skull defect;- Titanium dynamic mesh for the reconstruction of minor skull defects;- Titanium plate and screws used in jaw traumatology;- Dental implants and- Fixed denture.In order to determine the degree of influence of these metal medical implants on the electric field distribution and the amount of absorbed energy of the electromagnetic wave, within the biological tissues of the mobile phone users, a comparative analysis of the user head model with and without metal medical implants has been performed. During the analysis, the same mobile phone electromagnetic radiation exposure conditions were assumed for both models.A comprehensive analysis of the obtained results, related to the spatial distribution of electric field intensity and absorbed electromagnetic energy, concluded that the presence of metal medical implants affects the change in the value of electric field intensity andSAR, within biological tissues with installed implants.

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Bibliografija: listovi 191-207. Datum odbrane: 27.10.2021. Theoretical electrical engineering

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