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Razvoj baze podataka za upravljanje rizicima na radu vatrogasno-spasilačkih jedinica u uslovima multirizika


Božović, Marijola, 1968-


Mihajlović, Emina, 1960-
Živković, Nenad, 1954-
Milošević, Lidija, 1974-
Ilić-Krstić, Ivana, 1981-
Rančić, Dejan, 1968-

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Considering the relatively small body of research into the relationshipbetween occupational multi-risk and risk associated with the operationsof fire and rescue units, the aim of this doctoral dissertation is todetermine the dependence of occupational risk to fire and rescue unitmembers on the extent of multi-risk in risk events and to determine towhat extent the outcome of risk events (injury/avoided injury)influences the modelling of occupational risk assessment for fire andrescue units.The presented research was conducted in three fire and rescue units innorthern Kosovo and Metohija from 2014 to 2018 and it includedoccupational injury analyses, as well as risk events that were neverofficially recorded and in which injuries to fire and rescue unit memberswere avoided. The first step was to determine which factors influencethe outcome of fire and rescue interventions, after which thecontributory factors were included in the creation of predictive modelsusing logistic regression. Discriminant analysis was used to determine aset of variables that differentiates the most between two defined casecategories; the determined predictors were then used to obtain thediscriminant function. Logistic regression analysis and the creation of amodel for injury risk assessment were the final step in the analysis. Twopredictive models were created (one predicting only interventionsresulting in injuries and the other predicting interventions both withinjuries and with nearly-avoided injuries) and the differences betweenthe models were identified. The analysis determined which factorscontribute to injuries or to situations in which injuries are highly likely,and it also showed the importance of performing risk assessments notonly based on situations resulting in injuries but also based on situationsin which injuries were likely to happen but did not. The obtained modelcan be used to calculate the risk and probability of injury for everyspecific situation.The results obtained in this research can be used to identify the keyfactors influencing the operational safety of fire and rescue unitmembers and they can also enable a more precise identification of riskevents, more reliable risk assessment, improved understanding of‘accident mechanisms’, as well as the creation of a more comprehensivedatabase for efficient occupational risk management of fire and rescueunit members.The scientific contribution of the research presented in this doctoraldissertation is represented by the methodological approach to theprevention and reduction of occupational risk associated with fire andrescue unit operations for the purpose of increasing the level offirefighters’ safety during interventions in multi-risk conditions.

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Biografija autora: list [198],Bibliografija: listovi 187-196. Datum odbrane: 05.10.2021. Accident risk management systems

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