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Transgeneracijska povezanost nezadovoljstva i prihvatanja tela unutar ženskog porodičnog stabla


Spasić Šnele, Miljana 1989-


Vidanović, Snežana 1954-
Stefanović, Tatjana
Todorović, Jelisaveta
Hadžić, Aleksandra

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The main aims of this research were: (1) empirical testing of the path of transgenerational correlation between body dissatisfaction and body-esteem between grandmother, mother and daughter through attachment dimensions (anxiety and avoidance) and social learning (modeling and comments); (2) examining factors related to dissatisfaction with body and body-esteem in grandmothers, mothers and daughters; (3) and identifying factors that are related to the subjective experience of beauty in the sample of grandmothers, mothers and daughters. The sample consisted of 301 family triads - girls aged 7-9, their mothers (average age 37.86) and grandmothers (mothers mums - average age 62.25). The following instruments were used: Figure Rating Scale, Body Esteem Scale, Experiences in Close Relationships (for adults and children), Parental Influence Questionnaire, Measurement Instrument for Primary and Secondary Control Strategies, Aging Anxiety Scale and Research Questionnaire constructed for this research. It showed that there is a direct transgenerational correlation between grandmothers and mothers when it comes to body-esteem, whereby attachment dimensions and modeling of the mother's mother play an important role. At the level of body dissatisfaction, an indirect correlation from grandmother to daughter through mother modeling could be noticed. Body mass index is an important factor of the both body dissatisfaction and body-esteem of grandmothers, mothers and daughters, but also of the subjective experience of physical attractiveness in grandmothers and mothers. In adulthood, subjective evaluation of health status, and anxiety due to physical changes caused by aging play a significant role in body experience, and decrease in expectations of body in late adulthood. When it comes to girls, mother also has an important role - through attachment, modeling, her comments and attitude she has towards the physical appearance of her daughter. We can conclude that a transgenerational transmission of body image experience can be observed within the family between mother and daughter, whereby the dimensions of attachment and mother modeling play an important role. Throughout the whole life cycle body constitution, and in adulthood individual perception of process of aging, shape the body image.

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Bibliografija: listovi 259-273. Datum odbrane: 23.06.2021. Psychology

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