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Polifunkcionalnost udžbeničkog kompleta za učenje srpskog jezika kao stranog


Novaković, Aleksandar 1990-


Janjić, Marina 1970-
Brborić, Veljko
Krajišnik, Vesna
Dražić, Jasmina
Božić, Snežana

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The subject of this doctoral dissertation is the examination of the polyfunctionality of a textbook set for teaching Serbian as a foreign language. The question of the importance of the quality of a textbook set and its units (textbooks, workbooks, audio materials, etc.) has become prevalent in recent years with the development of this type of teaching and the increase in the number of centers where Serbian as a foreign language is learned and taught, especially due to a visible disbalance in publishing textbook sets for learning Serbian as a native language and learning Serbian as a foreign language (in favor of the first group). The author focuses on the creation of a checklist for the evaluation of printed and electronic interactive textbooks and workbooks, with the aim of providing insight into what a quality textbook set for teaching Serbian as a foreign language in the 21st century should look like. The study included the descriptive and theoretical analysis method, the content analysis survey technique and introspections, as well as online survey questionnaires with a rating scale. In accordance with the set research subject, detailed analyzes of the existing textbook sets for learning Serbian as a foreign language were conducted, a new theoretical checklist for their evaluation and the writing of new textbooks and workbooks was created, the notion of an electronic interactive textbook was redefined, and the first electronic interactive textbook for learning Serbian (as a foreign language) with the help of mobile phones was developed and named Speak Serbian!.

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Bibliografija: listovi 319-356;Biografija autora: list 365. Datum odbrane: 29.04.2021. The Methodology of Teaching Serbian as a Foreign Language

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