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Performanse kooperativnih bežičnih telekomunikacionih sistema i mogućnosti povećanja kapaciteta kanala u prisustvu fedinga i međukanalne interferencije


Marjanović, Ivica B. 1969-


Nikolić, Zorica 1955-
Milić, Dejan
Milošević, Nenad
Pronić-rančić, Olivera
Pokrajac, Ivan
Đošić, Danijel

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In order to improve the performance of the wireless signal transmission system in the presence of various types of interference, new methods of combining diversion techniques in the relay and on the receiving side have been proposed. When using diversi, the combining technique has shown a significant improvement in the performance of wireless relay signal transmission, and thus a lower probability of system failure. Increasing the capacity of wireless telecommunications systems is feasible in terms of fixed bandwidth and specified modulation format by using the cooperative concept to increase the signal strength to noise and interference ratio. By using mobile stations as a relay, performance improvement can be achieved in M2M communication, which can be rationally used to increase channel information capacity and transmission reliability. A more detailed analysis has been conducted and can answer questions about quantitative measures of improvement in the conditions of fading and inter-channel interference. The cases of relay transmission are discussed, as well as the possibility of applying a diversion technique to improve performance in conditions of simultaneous reception of a signal through a direct connection and through a relay. For the above cases, standard performance measures will be determined using statistical telecommunications theory.

Description (srp)

Bibliografija: listovi 109-117. Datum odbrane: 07.05.2021. Telecommunications

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