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Pravoslavlje i Srpska pravoslavna crkva u Dušanovom zakoniku


Stojanović, Stefan 1991-


Đorđević, Aleksandar V., 1975-
Ranđelović, Nebojša V. 1967-
Ljubomirović, Irena 1974-
Čvorović, Zoran

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Bibliografija: listovi 222-229;Biografija autora: list 230. Datum odbrane: 27.02.2021. History of law

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The main subject of the doctoral dissertation research is the provisions of the most important monument of Serbian medieval law, Dušan's Code, on Orhtodoxy and Serbian Orthodox Church. Although in the science of the History of Law there are numerous works on Dušan's Code, its sources, legal institutions, as well as some of its provisions or terms, however, those provisions of the Code which directly or indirectly concern to Orthodoxy and the Serbian Orthodox Church, in the author's opinion, have not yet been the subject of a comprehensive and systematic analysis. The significance of Orthodoxy and the church for the Serbian people and Serbian medieval state is undoubtedly confirmed by Dušan's Code itself. Following the example of Byzantine law, the first place in the Code belonged to Orthodoxy and the church, and almost a quarter of its provisions regulate this matter. The most important issues covered by the doctoral dissertation are the institution of church marriage, crimes against Orthodoxy and the church, the meaning of the term „Code of the Holy Fathers“, church punishments, the legal position of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the legal position of monks, the legal position of priests and the evidence of the so-called „God's court“. For a more complete analysis of these issues, in addition to Dušan's Code, the dissertation used other sources of Serbian medieval law – Zakonopravilo of St. Sava, Syntagma of Matthew Blastares, charters of Serbian rulers, as well as other historical and legal-historical sources.

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