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Serijski napajani planarni antenski nizovi sa poboljšanim karakteristikama


Bošković, Nikola 1986-


Dončov, Nebojša S. 1970-
Marković, Vera
Kolundžija, Branko
Stanković, Zoran

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Biografija autora: list 152;Bibliografija: list. 136-150. Datum odbrane: 02.09.2020. Microwaves, antennas and propagation Key

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In the present thesis, the original methods for solving problems related to the operation of antenna arrays in a serial configuration, are described. This primarily refers to the problem of sidelobes in directional and scanning antenna arrays, as well as the problem of degradation of the radiation patterns when operating in a wider frequency range. The arrays in this thesis are designed in planar technology. The results were confirmed by experiment. The thesis provides a detailed methodology for working with each solution, starting from a theoretical basis, solving specific problems and practical implementation with measurements and verification. The solution for the control of the frequency scanning rate is given while designing the radiation patterns so that the sidelobes are kept low. The scanning antenna arrays use specially adapted printed dipoles in balanced microstrip technology. In addition to the scanning antenna solution, an antenna array solution is presented that provides a directional radiation pattern that maintains low sidelobes radiation pattern across the entire operating range. This solution uses patch antennas that have been specially developed for use in serial antenna arrays without requiring an increase in the complexity of the entire system.

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