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Novi nanostrukturni kompozitni materijali na bazi paukove mreže: dobijanje, strukturna, morfološka, luminescentna i magnetna svojstva materijala


Dimitrović, Svetlana V.


Zarubica, Aleksandra
Ranđelović, Marja
Žikić, Vladimir
Ljupković, Radomir
Nikolić, Marko G.

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Biografija: list 147;Bibliografija: str. 149-151. Datum odbrane: 22.11.2019. Applied and Industrial Chemistry

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Within this doctoral dissertation, spider silk fibers have been chosen as a model system for synthesis new composite materials. The fibers were used as a template for biomineralization, coating with different nanoparticles, as well as template for synthesis pure inorganic fibers. By imitating biomineralization process, fibers coated with pure and Eu3+ doped cerium(IV)-oxide (CeO2) were obtained. Based on the experimental results obtained by scanning electron microscopy, the optimal concentration of starting material for subsequent europium doping has been determined. Besides complete physico-chemical characterization of the material, luminescent properties of composite material coated with europium doped ceria were investigated. Similarly, fibers coated with γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles were obtained by precipitation treatment. Complete physico-chemical, as well as magnetic properties were explored. By calcination of magnesium salts in the presence of spider silk fibers, fiber-shaped magnesium oxide was obtained, while dimensions of materials were defined with dimensions of natural fibers. By subsequent calcination of MgO fibers, magnesium-hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) was formed, while different obtaining parameters like temperature and incubation period were examined. Additionally, within dissertation, theoretical calculations of CeO2 system were done in order to estimate its electronic, elastic and mechanical properties in function of pressures in the range 0-100 GPa.

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