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Model utvrđivanja objektivne cene rizika osiguranja autoodgovornosti u Republici Srbiji


Mandić, Dejan S.


Petrović, Evica
Stanković, Jelena Z.
Kočović, Jelena

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Biografija autora: listovi 244-252;Bibliografija: listovi 244-251. Datum odbrane: 30.09.2019. Risk management and insurance

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The motor vehicle belongs to a group of the most important contemporary human inventions. If we know that the degree of development of a country is also measured by a motor vehicle production volume, while the standard of living is measured by a number of cars per capita, the previous statement seems plausible. However, an automobile is a "dangerous thing". An occurrence of a risky event may not only do damage to a car as an object itself, but also cause damage or destruction of someone else's possession, or affect the health or lives of others, i.e. third parties. ...

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