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Razvoj metodologije za otkrivanje znanja u Moodle sistemu za upravljanje učenjem


Dimić, Gabrijela, 1971-


Rančić, Dejan 1968-
Milentijević, Ivan
Milosavljević, Aleksandar
Dimitrijević, Aleksandar
Spalević, Petar

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Prediction of students' success is one of the topics of research of the area known as the discovery of knowledge from educational data sets. The aim of this dissertation is focused on determining the students' success factors in a blended learning environment by combined implementation of methods for knowledge discovery and in-depth analysis of data. A case study study conducted at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies in Belgrade has been described. Available data about the pedagogical process and the academic results of the Computer graphics course enabled comparative analyzes of the realized experiments. The outcome of the research is to establish a methodology for discovering knowledge from a blended learning environment. The conceptual model of prediction is based on realized student activities within the Moodle course and the classical way of teaching.

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Biobibliografija: list. 157-162;Bibliografija: list. 140-150. Datum odbrane: 07.06.2019. Educational Data Mining

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