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Oblikovanje književnog nacionalnog identiteta : literarno stvaralaštvo Dubrovčanina Ivana Stojanovića


Trnavac Ćaldović, Nataša 1968-


Arsić, Irena, 1959-
Maksimović, Goran
Varnica, Nevena

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Although dum Ivan Stojanovic was a key figure at the end of 19th century in Dubrovnik, his heterogeneous authorial and translational work was almost forgotten in the 20th century. Among shattered and eradicated authorities of his turbulent time, dum Ivan found Dubrovnik`s tradition, written and oral, as the only firm foundation; he also recognised the idea of Serbianness in it. Therefore, he situated his work as a conductor between the Serbian tradition and the reality of Dubrovnik where this tradition started to vanish, ie. between the past and the present of Dubrovnik and its Serbian over-empiric future. The hybrid identity of Serb Catholics in Dubrovnik found an expression in dum Ivan`s hybrid genres and the creation of a literary identity of this opus ran as a self-fashioning of Serbian narrative identity; he was joining the new stories about Dubrovnik`s Serbianness to the old ones. Choosing rhetoric as a tool to influence on Dubrovnik`s doxa, subordinating all the ideas to the idea of Serbianness, dum Ivan subordinated the honour of literary creator to the obligations of ideologues. Without studying this voice of the past it is not possible to realise the truth, at least not the whole truth about Dubrovnik literature and Serbian literature of the 19th century.

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Bibliografija: str. 301-312;Biografija autora: str. 313. Datum odbrane: 22.05.2019. History of literature and Literary theory

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