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Razvoj modela sistema održavanja primenom simulacije


Petrović, Saša M. 1971-


Milosavljević, Peđa 1966-
Maksimović, Rado
Spasojević-Brkić, Vesna
Mitrović, Melanija
Temeljkovski, Dragan

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Biografija autora: list 225;Bibliografija: listovi 216-224. Datum odbrane: 27.02.2019. Industrial management

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The subject of the planned research is development and use of the maintenance model for complex hierarchical organization with heterogeneous equipment by applying simulation. With the literature analysis, it is found that such approach is rare and uncommon in World and especially in Serbia. Simulation methods are extremely demanding for usage because of nature of physical system who is to be modeled. All properties are to be taken into account like time, interconnections, different factors etc. Moreover, the simulation is a tool for evaluation, decision support and reengineering. Furthermore, the simulation is a tool for forecasting. Even though if the simulation model is easy for design, an extremely challenging task is how to provide parameters for discrete events simulation (DES). Statistical process control (SPC) methodology with well-defined tools is itself a robust instrument for process evaluation and improvement. But values obtained by SPC could be magnified in combination with DES. Also, this research has a goal to find the best usable performance indicators. Research achievements could be better resource utilization, higher availability, lower maintenance cost and consequently better energy efficiency and the environment protection.

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