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Transformacija domova za stare i novi strateški oblici u arhitekturi


Ilić, Marija Z. 1979-


Stanković, Danica
Jovanović, Goran
Cekić, Nikola
Lojanica, Vladimir
Keković, Aleksandar

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Biografija autora sa slikom: listovi 292-294;Bibliografija: listovi 275-283. Datum odbrane: 28.11.2018. Architecture, interior design

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The demographic features of Serbia are characterized by an intensive process of population ageing. At the same time, nursing homes are organizationally, conceptually and ecourbarchitecturally outdated, lacking in both accommodation capacity and the space necessary for all the residential functions. Therefore, it is high time a national effort was aimed at transformation of these facilities. The goal of this paper is to formulate different guidelines for establishing and defining a concept in designing new elderly care facilities and reconstructing the existing ones, as well as to introduce innovative forms of dwellings striving to keep the elderly in their homes as long as possible. The guidelines are a result of long-standing practice in developed countries around the world: the USA, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Finland.

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