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Uticaj procesnih parametara proizvodnje na strukturu i fizičko-mehanička svojstva teksturiranih poliamidnih pređa


Savić, Marija S.


Trajković, Dušan
Stepanović, Jovan
Zafirova, Koleta
Ćirković, Nenad
Šarac, Tatjana

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Bibliografija: listovi 125-131. Datum odbrane: 21.12.2018. Textile technology

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Within the framework of this dissertation, the multiparametric process of texturing of the partially oriented (POY) polyamide PA6.6 filament was studied, using the process of apparently "false" twisting - "false twist" in relation to the newly established structure - mechanical properties and property relations - process parameters. By introducing all three parameters as the variables, the temperature of the heaters, the texture rate and the D/Y ratio of the speed of discs and yarn speed, changes of the modulus of elasticity of textured yarns and the determined elasticity limits were observed, which is experimentally difficult to determine. By examining the boundary mechanical properties, the behavior of polyamide PA6.6 yarns in the field of elastic deformations was studied, using intermittent force, intermittent elongation, relative breaking forces, tearing operation and variation measure for all of these characteristics.

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