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Uticaj programa situacionih vežbi na motoričke sposobnosti i telesnu kompoziciju učenika


Stojanović, Darko


Branković, Nataša
Živković, Mladen
Pantelić, Saša
Nešić, Goran

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The purpose of this experimental study was to determine the influence of the program of situational exercises on the motor abilities and the body composition of the students. The study was conducnted on 90 respondents, the average age of 13 years, randomly divided into two groups: experimental [E; n = 39 (19 girls and 20 boys)] and the control group [K; n = 51 (24 girls and 27 boys)]. At initial and final measurements, motor abilities and body composition were tested. Motor abilities were evaluated by applying 3 flexibility tests, 4 force and strength tests, 4 speed, acceleration and agility tests, and one for assessing cardiorespiratory endurance. The body composition was evaluated by 11 measurements. After applying the 16th-week program of situational exercises from volleyball, all the parameters of the motor skills were statistically significantly increased in the experimental group (except for speed in boys). In parameters of body composition in the experimental groups, there was a statistically significant reduction in body fat in boys, and a significant increase in muscle mass was observed in boys and girls. In the experimental period, the control group did not notice any significant changes in the parameters of the motor skills, while in the area of the body composition a significant increase in body fat and a decrease in the percentage of muscle mass were recorded. The results of this dissertation showed that there were no significant differences in the impact of the two programs on motor skills at the multivariate level but that at the univariate level it was noted that experimental group respondents after experimental program application had better results compared to control group respondents in speed and agility tests, both sides, as well as force and strength in girls, and aerobic endurance in boys. In the area of the body composition, the difference in the effects of the two programs is evident at the multivariate level, and there is a significant influence of the experimental program on reduction of body fat and increase in muscle mass in the experimental group, while this is not the case with the control group. The obtained results indicate that the program of situational exercises from volleyball is suitable for the development of flexibility, force and strength and agility, as well as for reducing body fat and increasing the muscular mass of students.

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Bibliografija: listovi 142-150;Biografija autora. Datum odbrane: 01.10.2018. Scientific discipline in Sport and Physical Education

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