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Specijalni program sportskih igara i razvoj motoričkih sposobnosti i specifično motoričkih sposobnosti adolescenata sa mentalnom retardacijom


Pejčić, Aleksandar, 1968-


Kocić, Miodrag
Aleksandrović, Marko
Berić, Dragana 1967-
Aleksovska Veličkovska, Lenče

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Bibliografija: listovi 81-86;Prilog: listovi 87-89. Datum odbrane: 04.07.2018. Academic discipline in Sport and Physical Education

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The goal of this doctor dissertation in to establish the effects of experimental program of sports games to improve the motoric abilities of adolescents with mental disabilities. The research was conveyed on a sample of examinees adolescents diagnosed with mild mental disabilities, divided in to 2 groups of 30 examinees; experimental and control groups. Special program of sports game lasted twelve weeks, the frequency of 4 times per week in the duration of 30 min per training. The examinees of both groups were tested with the same variables within the motoric and specific motoric abilities : MGLR, MTRB, MT25, MTSS with the statistical importance p=0.000 .The results of ANOVA and MANOVA analysis showed that after applying specific sport games there is a statistically important positive difference in the experimental group contrary to the control group in parameters of the motoric abilities as well as in all variables of specific motoric abilities with statistically importance p=0.000 and the importance of the influence. Pursuant to these research results it can be concluded that specific training program conducted during twelve weeks and specially dosed of sport activities has significantly improved the motoric and specific motoric abilities within the sport games of football and basketball.

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