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In vitro i in vivo karakterizacija emulzija sa ekstaktima ploda divlje jabuke (Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill., Rosaceae) stabilizovanih konvencionalnim i biodegrabilnom mešanim emulgatorima


Stojiljković, Dragana S. 1972-


Arsić, Ivana
Najman, Stevo
Savić, Snežana
Tadić, Vanja

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Biografija;Bibliografija: listovi 170-184. Datum odbrane:27.08.2018. Cosmetology

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The aim of PHD Thesis was formulationof emulsion stabilized with conventional-CE and biodegradable-BE mixed emulsifiers, as carriers for extracts of wild apple fruit-EWAF (Malus sylvestris fructus(L.) Mill., Rosaceae) and investigation of their structure, stability, safety and efficiency in order to develop products for the prevention and/or treatment of skin damage and changes caused by oxidative stress, for skin hydration and/or lightening of skin hyperpigmentation. During realization process, EWAF were made by different extraction methods (maceration, digestion, percolation, Soxhlet and ultrasonic extraction)and using following solvents: 70% ethanol, 45%propyleneglycol-PG, 80% PG, purified water, olive and sunflower oil.

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