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Efikasnost koenzima Q10 i kurkumina enkapsuliranih nanolipozome kod zarastanja mekih tkiva nakon ektrakcije zuba: ekperomntalna sudija


Todorović, Kosta M.


Jovanović, Goran
Lazić, Zoran

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The process of wound healing has a high significance in dental practice. The application of numerous antioxidants can significantly improve the process and greatly contribute to the quality of patient recovery after the intervention. In the experimental study with Wistar rats, the upper incisors were extracted and after that the solutions of coenzyme Q10 and curcumin in its free and nanoliposome-encapsulated form were applied. The extraction wounds were treated with the stated solutions for 21 days. The use of antioxidants such as Q10 and curcumin has significantly contributed to the improvement of the course of wound healing during teeth extraction in experimental animals. It needs to be emphasized that the best results were obtained by local application of coenzyme Q10 and nanoliposome-encapsulated curcumin. This application has reduced inflammation and accelerated cellular proliferation which is necessary for regeneration of damaged tissue. In addition, one of the aims of the doctoral thesis was to analyze the expression of osteopontin, a glycoprotein with important roles in inflammation and biomineralization. The immunohistochemical analysis showed a significantly lower expression in the tissues treated with nanoliposome-encapsulated antioxidants, compared to the control and other experimental groups of animals. The analysis of the level of oxidative stress parameters (MDA, AOPP, catalysis) showed that the application of antioxidants in both forms greatly contributed to the prevention of damage caused by oxygen bond production. All the results obtained in the doctoral thesis are presented in tables, graphs and are documented with images of pathohistological tissue analysis. The obtained results of the thesis can be used as a starting point in the application of these antioxidants in clinical practice in order to accelerate the process of wound healing, as well as to reduce the development of complications after teeth extraction.

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Biografija: list 119;Bibliografija: listovi 103-118. Datum odbrane: 06.09.2018. Oral surgery

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